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13th-Jun-2013 11:33 am - Live-in nanny available
If anyone is looking for a live-in nanny, I know someone who is available. Live-in only.
11th-Feb-2013 02:53 pm - Slow cooker recipes

Do you have any slow cooker recipes you can share? This is the only type of cooking I can muster these days.
31st-Dec-2012 11:54 pm - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! May you leave all the bad in the old year (like the appendix!) and may the new year bring you a sense of renewal!

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30th-Dec-2012 09:06 pm - Gary Steyngardt

Need a recommendation... What would be the first book you'd read by Gary Steyngardt?

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7th-Dec-2012 12:29 pm - Home Attendant available
Our nanny's sister is looking for a job as a live-in home attendant, anywhere between Boston and New York. She has worked as a home attendant for someone for the last 6 years who just recently passed. If she has half the work ethic of our nanny, she'll do an amazing job. I've only met her once, but she's extremely nice, very energetic, speaks great Russian, and gets along in English (the woman she worked with previously was American).

If you know anyone who may be looking, please pass along their info. I would really, really like to help them out.
24th-Oct-2012 04:16 pm - Books
Any recommendations for a series of books to follow Magic Tree House series?

possible future x-post somewhere
15th-Jun-2012 01:48 pm - National Geographic Kids
Does anyone receive the National Geographic for Kids? What do you think?

There's a deal on it right now at Plum District, I am thinking Jacob would love it. He's been enjoying his Highlights for a few months now.

7th-Jun-2012 12:27 pm - Gymboree sale

Gymboree is having a fill-a-bag sale. Everything is 30% off. On top of that, all winter clearance stuff is an additional 25% off. As wary as I am buying stuff ahead for my kids, I couldn't resist $3 and $4 shirts and pants for Gabi for next winter. Happy Shopping!

P.S. For Boston moms, Chestnut Hill store is pretty bare, Burlington has plenty!
22nd-May-2012 02:17 pm - To Whom It May Concern
Diapers.com currently has a deal on Huggies. If you buy $50 worth of Huggies products, you get $10 off with code SUMMERTEN, until 5/28/12.

If you buy the e-bulk box of 248 size 2 Huggies diapers, you get it for $45.99, that's 18.5 cents per diaper.

And here's my referral link, in case someone is actually not a customer yet (you get an additional $10 off with this):

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use code: ESTH1878
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30th-Apr-2012 12:21 pm - Stride Rite on MyHabit
Stride Rite is on MyHabit today through Thursday.

Happy Shopping!
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